How to Organize Your Pantry

How to Organize Your Pantry | Feed Your Glow
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Knowing how to successfully stock and organize your pantry will not only give you peace of mind, but will save you tons of time, space, and money. It’s a win-win-win kind of situation.

Before I tackled my pantry, I never really knew what I had in stock at any given time. Somehow, I’d always end up with multiples of items and overflowing bags of food. It gave me some serious anxiety.

Once I finally decided to get organized, I realized how much time I was actually wasting on searching for food and ingredients. It was insane.

The whole process of decluttering and organizing also made spending time in the kitchen so much easier. I started cooking more, simply because everything in my pantry had a home and things felt less chaotic.

My advice? Just spend one afternoon cleaning out your kitchen and pantry. Don’t overcomplicate it, otherwise it’ll take forever.

Here are my best tips:


Start with one small space or area, so you don’t get overwhelmed. For example, try one shelf, one drawer, one small cabinet. Then work from there. You’ll find your flow a lot easier this way.


Get everything out of your pantry, so you can actually see what you have. Then sort them into categories: things you use everyday, things you barely use, things that are unopened, etc. Save what you need, donate what you can, and throw away the rest, like expired items.

Once you’ve cleared everything out, start cleaning. Do the whole disinfecting thing, add some contact paper, add additional shelving. Do what you can to create a space you love and add things that bring you joy!


Based on what you already have, make a list of what you need. Think mason jars, glass containers, stacking shelves for spices, large bins for bulk items, and labels for storage. Once you organize and give each ingredient a home, you’ll be able to see what you actually have at any given time.

PRO TIP: If you need grains, nuts, and seeds, buy them in bulk. It’s a lot more affordable in the long run, and they stay fresher when stored correctly.


Buy some chalk pens, colorful or clear labels, or some paint pens to help you identify your food items. Then create a specific home for each jar and organize them on your shelves. That’ll make it easier for you to see what you have and/or what needs to be replenished. Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but it is! Trust me, it’ll make your life easier.


Once everything is organized, just do a quick weekly inventory of what you have and what needs to be restocked. I usually do this on a Saturday or Sunday before I shop and meal prep for the week.

This will also remind you of what needs to be cooked and eaten, and prevent you from buying multiples of the same items.

Maintenance is key. A little bit of straightening and organizing once a week is all you need vs. having to repeat the whole entire process over again in a couple of months. Literally no one has time for that.

Hope you found these tips helpful! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below or DM or tag me @feedyourglow, hashtag #feedyourglow on IG. Have fun organizing!

How to Organize Your Pantry | Feed Your Glow

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